1) On what kind of support can I lay the pool frieze?

Recommended supports: polyester shell, acrylic shell, liner, painted pool with smooth surface, spa, jacuzzi.

2) Can your friezes be applied on a wooden aboveround liner?

Our friezes are also adapted for any kind of aboveground pool.

3) Is it possible and compatible to lay that kind of frieze on a gelcoat layer?

Our friezes are made so that they can adapt to gelcoat coating.

4) Are your friezes compatible with a braided PVC?

Our friezes are made so that they can adapt to any model of PVC.

5) Are your friezes compatible with an reinforced PVC?

Our friezes are made so that they can adapt to any model of PVC.

6) What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package and include preparation and packaging costs.
The calculation is done automatically once the items are placed in your basket.

7) I am the owner of a pool of a free shape (32.8 ft x 16.4 ft), with a depth of 3.28 ft. What size of frieze do I choose, 5.51 or 9.45 inches ?

We recommend a frieze of 9.45 inches, which will give you a better visual effect.
The friezes of 5.51 inches in height are used for small pools of less than 26.25 ft x 13.12 ft.

8) Do I need specific tools to lay the frieze?

Only a scraper is recommended and for sell on our website. Do not forget cutter and ruler.

9) How many ml of grease-removing DEG11?

You remove the grease of a 82.02 ft
² pool with a container of 17.6 FL OZ.

10) How many ml of Easy Pose DEG12?

You lay 82.02 linear-foot of frieze with a container of 17.6 FL OZ (for a frieze of 9.45 inches in height and 1.05 FL OZ for a frieze of 5.51 inches in height.

11) By what can the Easy Pose be replaced?

You can use a bottle of 17.6 FL OZ of water with a drop of washing-up liquid but we do not offer a guarantee of 3 years.

12) Is the Texton essential?

No but it ensures a perfect watertightness in the angles and around the skimmer.

13) What product do I use to clean the remaining glue on the liner?

You can use the grease-removing DEG 11 that we sell on our website.

14) How to remove old friezes?

We recommend that you remove your old friezes using a heat gun (make sure your pool is empty in order to avoid electrocution) then the grease-removing DEG 11 that we sell on our website.

15) What are the caracteristics of your PVC friezes?

See home page, instructions/technical data.

16) At what time of the year do i have to lay my friezes?

At any time of the year but we encourage you to do it at a temperature superior to 15°C.

17) What guarantee does one have on your products?

We guarantee our products 3 years.

18) Do you guarantee the frieze even with salted water and sun?

All our freezes are guaranteed 3 years against salt and sun.

19) Will the decorations fade away because of sun exposure?

Our friezes and decorations have a protective anti-ultraviolet film which prevents light from reaching colour pigments (guaranteed 3 years).

20) Will the frieze be erased with age?

Our friezes are made with a protective anti-dirt coating reducing stain, including of sunscreen.

21) Is the gluing of the frieze efficient in time or is it necessary to add glue?

All our friezes are self-adhesive, nothing is to be added.

22) Do I let any space between the friezes, when laying them ?

We advise that you leave a space of about 1 centimeter.

23) Do you have friezes and decorations in stock?

All our friezes and decorations are available at any time of the year.

24) I want to place an order, is it possible to pay in 2 instalments?

You have the possibility to pay all our product by check in 2 instalments, to be precised during the order.

25) Can I pay by check?

We accept checks, Paypal and credit cards.

26) How do I count the number of friezes for a pool of 29.53 x 16.4 ft?

Pool width + pool length x 2 = total linear foot

27) I’ve got sea water in my pool, can I use your friezes?

All our products have been tested with sea water, we guarantee them 3 years.

28) I own a polyester shell that is 10 years old, can I use your friezes?

Our friezes have been developped for the renovation and embellishment of any polyester pool, even old.

29) At what level do I have to lay the frieze?

Usually, at the center of the water line (water level).

30) Do I have to completely empty my pool to lay my frieze?

Only decreasing the water level is necessary.
Empty the pool of about 15.75 inches if you buy the 9.45 inches high frieze, and of 9.84 inches if you buy the 5.51 inches high frieze. For the decorations, you must completely empty the pool.

31) After the frieze is laid, how long do I have to wait to fil my pool up again?

Depending on the method of laying, 48 to 72 hours (see laying instructions).

32) Can I install it alone (decoration or frieze)?

All our products are made to be installed alone.

33) How are your decorations installed?

See "Laying method".

34) What is your friezes’ thickness?

See "Instructions/caracteristics"

35) Are your friezes self-adhesive?

Yes our friezes and decorations are self-adhesive.

36) Don’t the colours of you frezes loose their brilliance?

All are products are guaranteed 3 years against UV.

37) My pool has dirt on the waterline, is that coming off with the time?

With our friezes, it is not necessary anymore to reglarly wash the the waterline with a brush and a special product.
Thanks to our coated friezes, it is very easy to wash with a simple sponge only.

38) Do you lay friezes and decorations yourself?

We do not but do not worry, it is easy to install them. If you have any difficulty at any moment, you can call us and we will help you.

39) Where are your friezes manufactured?

They are all made in France.

40) Can you supply 1 or 2 foot of frieze to me?

All our friezes are delivered in a 16.4 linear foot reel of 5.51 or 9.45 inches high. It is not possible to order a made to measure length.