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Fix a liner underwater

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Fix a liner underwater
Glue sticks of tiles on polyester, concrete, PVC, shell
Glue a moulded PVC extrusion on a steel panel or resin
Glue top rims on the membrane
Fix a tank of polyester filter from the inside
Fix a split ABS skimmer after a subsidence of the outline of the pool
Fix polyester stairs and filtering block
Repair a rim cut in half
Glue a lead source hose on a hosepipe
Glue plumbing hoses, like Gerkit, PVC, etc…
Glue a plastic conduit on a wet wall
Repair cracks in a concrete pool and paint over them
Fill the holes made by hail on a roller blind
Glue back caps on a roller blind
Make a malfunctionning spotlight cable gland waterproof
Glue a 150/100 antiskidding PVC on liner
Lay tiles at the waterline on polyester membrane
Fix electrical conduit,
Fix ornaments,
Make and repair pool protections
Chlorinated and salted water resistant

- Every use of PROFLEX as a seal or glue recquires care on the way to apply the
product as well as for the supports to be clean and non-greasy.

- Preliminary tests are advised before use.

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