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Friezes and decoration manufacturer for swimming pools

In 2007 Nuancier Frise  developped a unique and patented decoration and renovation concept for swimming pools.,

Self-adhesive frieze or sticker for every type of pool with liner, membrane, painted concrete and polyester shell.

This concept allows:

- To personnalise,
- To quickly renovate old pools having short or long-term problems of black marks and loss of color at water level,
- to hide imperfections in your pool.

A renovation that will give a new life to your swimming pool and will extend the lifespan of your liner.

All our pool friezes have a protection layer against sunscreen and sticky dirt around the waterline. They are thus a lot easier to clean.
Wash them with a soft sponge or with a cotton cloth in the pool water in order to give a shiny aspect to your frieze. No more aggressive products or scouring sponge.

This new concept is manufactured in our workshop with a specific patented ink assuring a good lifespan with a thin layer allowing to guarantee these products for 3 years.

With a complete 2023/2024 collection of decoration and friezes.

We can also make your specific projects come true on demand.

These decors are pre-pasted so you only have to remove the protective sheet before laying it where you wish.

They are easy to install by yourself.

They do not recquire any specific tool.

Simply apply the decorations without getting dirty.

Coming from the nautical industry, it has been tested in the most extreme conditions (frost, sea water, UV, chlorine, bromine).

We would like to make you discover our range of friezes and decorations.