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Nuancier Frise have developed a new self-adhesive concept for the decoration and renovation of pools, for all types of swimming pools with liners, reinforced membrane, painted concrete and polyester shells, Fiberglass Pool Walls, Stainless Steel Pool and Acrylic Pool Walls.

This new concept permits:
- Personalisation
- Quick renovation of old pools with problems with black marks at the water line,
- Hiding of imperfections in your pool; a renovation which will give a new shine to your pool and extend the life of your liner.

This new concept is manufactured in our workshops using a special patented ink which guarantees great longevity with a coating that allows us to guarantee these products for three years.
Our designers have created a comprehensive collection of border strips and decorations for 2014/2015, and they can also produce special orders for you on request.
These decorations are pre-glued; you simply remove the protective film to apply them to the pool.

Easy to install yourself.

These border strips and decorations (for pool interiors) do not require any special tools.
They are applied directly to the pool wall without getting dirty. This material is a product from the nautical sector, and has been tested in the most demanding conditions (frost, seawater, pressure, UV and chlorine).

Come and discover our range of borders and decorations.

The warranty does not cover installation errors